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    Space as a Service
    Vienna on May 27, 2020
    The range of options for using fully equipped premises is growing – more and more often, building space is rented from a provider, equipped for a specific purpose and then offered on the market.

    Space-as-a-service concepts take place in both private and commercial contexts. Here, apartments (Living as a Service) or shops (Retail as a Service) are completely furnished and equipped with the necessary technical infrastructure – and can thus be used by the tenant directly and for flexible periods of time. Living-as-a-service concepts are particularly exciting for high-income, mobile singles who, in the early stages of their careers, pass through various stations at different locations.

    Long-distance commuters who live away from their families during the week, but neither live in a hotel nor want to furnish a complete apartment, also represent a suitable target group.

    In the retail-as-a-service segment, entire retail spaces are fully equipped. The boundaries between offline and online are becoming increasingly blurred. Retail-as-a-service is an opportunity for existing online-only retailers to rent a fully equipped shop for a certain period of time on a trial basis and test their products in a physical environment. This enables them to significantly reduce an unmanageable financial risk. This is especially true for Instagram-only businesses, which come into real contact with their customers through pop-ups.

    Co-working space providers such as WeWork are of course pioneers in providing perfectly adapted office space for rent and are moving further into the retail sector, where they provide employees with display areas for product presentation. The provision of industrial co-working spaces and work kitchens are further Space-as-a-Service concepts.