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    A German town was digitally cloned for urban developing
    Vienna on June 15, 2020
    Which routes do pedestrians use most? Where do they prefer to be? Where is the traffic dangerous for cyclists? And where can it be made more fluid for motorists? Herrenberg, a small town in Germany is thinking about this and has now spent a month asking pedestrians to collect data with the help of an app and developed a virtual model of the town.

    In cooperation with the High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart, the small German town has created a digital twin of itself that people can explore in virtual reality. In principle, the comparison was set up as a form of data collection, so that citizens could view and evaluate potential urban development projects integrated into town life even before they are built. On the basis of these decisions, some transformations have already begun. In the future, virtual tourism in the digital small town should also be made possible.

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